A Message from the Executive Director

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<P>Welcome to the&nbsp;SCDMV&nbsp;web site. Thank you for visiting our site and allowing us to serve you. </P>
<P>Our goal is to&nbsp;make it&nbsp;easier for you&nbsp;to do business with DMV.&nbsp;For us, that means bringing our services to you. <BR><BR>From this site, you can access nine different transactions through our&nbsp;<A href=""><FONT color=#0000ff>online services</FONT></A>. SCDMV&nbsp;has&nbsp;<A href=""><FONT color=#0000ff>68 service offices</FONT></A>&nbsp;across the state,&nbsp;including&nbsp;six&nbsp;that offer&nbsp;Saturday Service. We also have&nbsp;a <A href=""><FONT color=#0000ff>Contact Center</FONT></A> ready to serve you.&nbsp;This DMV is not the DMV of the past. Today's DMV is focused on you--the citizens of South Carolina. We're proud of the service improvements we have made and we look forward to&nbsp;finding new and better ways to serve you in the future. </P>
<P>Please take time to explore our site and send us your <A href=""><FONT color=#0000ff>feedback</FONT></A>. As our customers, you are our best resource for ideas and suggestions. Thank you for helping us make a difference in South Carolina. &nbsp;</P>

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